"Oooo Burn, Bite Me."

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This Feeling Is Weird. What Is It?

She expressed her feelings by saying how her love never faded away from the start and will always have that soft spot for him no matter what.

She thought about giving up everything she had here and pack up her bags and start fresh in a new place because she’s just too confused. 

She wants to be surrounded with people who she can freely mingle with in her everyday life but, a special someone is restricting that drop of happiness which makes her feel alone and heartbroken.

She is the type of girl who would crack up jokes with her friends and does anything to bring up that smile on their faces but secretly when she gets home she cries to her self to bed because she has nobody to talk to about her problems.

'The happiest person is always the saddest'

Sometimes she feels like she is trapped and can’t escape because of love.

'She misses you. I miss you.' 



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